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Business Consultant Networking Tips for More Job Leads
October 6, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of a meeting with a business consultant giving networking tips.

Cycling through job boards, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor looking for job leads––whether you’re out of work or looking for a new organization––is time-consuming and frustrating. No matter how perfect you are for a position, you’re often one of over 150 applicants for the same job. It’s nearly impossible to stand out from the crowd of qualified candidates. It’s hard to stay engaged and passionate about your career when your job-seeking strategy burns you out. One of the top business consultant networking tips you’ll hear is to quit your hunt on the job boards and start soliciting job leads from your network.

First, cultivate meaningful connections in your network

Networking should be part of your monthly professional checklist, regardless of where you are in your career. Your network is crucial, even if you don’t see a job change in your future. It’s not just about attending networking events and collecting business cards. Your network should be dynamic, which you can achieve by staying active and engaged.

  • Cultivate the connections you want
  • Check-in with your network regularly
  • Offer help, mentorship, and guidance

Don’t only think of your professional connections when you need a new job. Instead, view it as a community that values your contributions and work to enrich the professional lives of the people within it. A simple but effective networking tip from business consultants is to stay active in your network whether it’s by sharing information, checking in with connections, or offering help.

Leverage your network to find ideal job leads for you

Your network knows your current interests, skills, and attributes that make you valuable to an organization. They are better positioned to match you with a job where you’ll thrive instead of open positions you find for yourself on LinkedIn and job boards.

Often, others see us more objectively than we see ourselves. Many people won’t consider applying for a job if they don’t meet all the job posting qualifications. The people in your network know you as a professional beyond boxes to be checked on a job post.

Especially the mentors in your network may encourage you to apply for jobs that you wouldn’t usually, a critical aspect of advancement and hitting your long-term career goals.

Use your network to connect with people where you want to work

Even if you use LinkedIn or Glassdoor to find openings, submitting your candidacy through an online forum isn’t ideal. As we mentioned, there are often over a hundred applicants for a single position. Even if you’re qualified, there’s a good chance your resume will get lost amongst dozens of others.

The better way is to reach out to your network to connect with someone who works at the company. They’ll be able to provide contact information for the hiring director so that you can submit your CV outside of the channels flooded with other candidates.

Work with Nineteen88 Strategies business consultants for custom networking tips and advice.

The team at Nineteen88 Strategies understands how frustrating it is to try to advance your career without making substantial headway; when you try to do everything right but can’t make any progress. If you’re not making the connections you need to advance or aren’t getting considered for jobs that can level up your career, Nineteen88 Strategies can help.

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