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CEO and Founder, Flag Bridge Communication
Robert Durand, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired)

A few conversations with David Albritton changed how I managed my career and changed the trajectory of my life.

I had a good career, and I would marvel at my luck as new opportunities appeared at just the right time. And I worked hard to make the most of those opportunities. But looking back, I was really not steering the ship. It was more like I was riding a raft, furiously paddling and hoping I didn’t capsize. Hoping my luck would not run out.

I heard David speak to a group of senior managers looking to break into the executive ranks, and I was struck by one powerful thought: his success was not an accident — he MADE IT HAPPEN!

This began a series of coaching sessions which fundamentally altered how I viewed my life and my work. David taught me to that I needed to be the CEO of my own life.

He taught me to think strategically about my career. He taught me to act purposefully and take a longer view, to aim higher, and to leverage my strengths. It took me from thinking “I hope things continue to go well” to “where do I want to go, and how do I get there?”

And as I started to manage myself, David gave me insights that changed how I led my teams, from inspiring and developing people to setting the tone of how we work and how we are perceived within the organization. He opened my eyes to the reality of how brand and my reputation – and my ability to get things done — were shaped not just by me, but by every member of my team. David made me a better leader, and my teams were far more effective.

That last sentence is significant. Prior to working with David, I had a skeptical view of executive coaching and personal branding. At best, an inspiring pep talk, at worst, a shallow and cynical way to get ahead at any cost. Again: David made me a better leader, and my teams were far more effective. I won, my people won, my fellow executives won, and the organization won.

Don’t rely on luck – take charge! Yes, I was lucky — David Albritton appeared at the right time in my life, and his insights and counsel had an immediate impact on my daily life and my long-term success. He taught me what it means to think and act with purpose and intention. He and his team can do the same for you!

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