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How Early-Stage DEI Consulting Benefits New Organizations
December 10, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Image of a company that uses early-stage DEI consulting services.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) training examines how your organization hires, promotes, and welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds. It addresses every aspect of your company, from the C-suite to clients and customers. DEI training also ensures that your company’s processes and procedures reflect the internal and external messaging regarding inclusion and belonging.

Effective DEI training is essential for empowering success and remaining competitive in challenging markets. When new organizations participate in early-stage DEI consulting, they establish beneficial processes from the very start to create a company culture that will fuel ongoing growth.

Create a company culture where employees feel included, valued, and have a sense of belonging.

While your organization’s values may state that it values differing viewpoints and backgrounds, those ideals aren’t always apparent in the company culture. With everything required of leadership in a new organization or start-up, establishing processes that prioritize the experience of working for your company may not always take priority.

DEI consulting eliminates the trial-and-error of setting up your organization to thrive, especially as you continue to grow. It safeguards against burnout, employees feeling unseen or unappreciated by the organization, and teaches leadership to cultivate innovation from the ground up.

Improve employee retention and foster better team building.

New organizations, particularly start-ups, have a reputation for being high-demand work environments. But prioritizing the well-being of your team does more for your long-term success than putting unrealistic demands on employees. DEI consulting works to establish reasonable expectations from employees and develops a company culture that fosters team building and trust.

Improved employee retention and efficiently operating teams create a work culture that encourages innovation and risk-taking. In a workplace with trust and inclusion, your organization can respond to new opportunities and adapt to unexpected challenges.

Position your organization to hit financial goals from the beginning.

Simply put, organizations with more diverse workforces perform better across all metrics. While DEI consulting is the right thing to do for a more equitable workplace with opportunities for all individuals, it also makes better business sense. More diverse companies perform better. That’s because a DEI consultant doesn’t just develop new processes for your organization; they work with your team to change their mindset.

DEI consulting teaches leadership and employees to hear differing viewpoints with an open mind, allowing different perspectives to thrive. The more employees are encouraged to share their ideas, the more innovation you’ll cultivate in all aspects of your organization.

Increase your reach across broader audiences.

Diversity doesn’t mean just one thing but includes age, race, gender, background, and more. The more viewpoints you have contributing to the messaging of your organization, the greater your reach across markets. DEI consulting doesn’t just address inclusion and belonging within your organization but also in your company’s audience.

Early-stage DEI consulting will help you to build a stronger company with access to a broader audience from the start.

Implement your company’s values in every aspect of your organization.

Every aspect of your company––from messaging to hiring practices and opportunities for advancement––should reflect your values and mission statement. Early-stage DEI consulting helps your organization establish these practices from the outset.

By checking in regularly with DEI experts as your organization grows, you can ensure that your values are still leading decisions and operations.

Nineteen88 Strategies offers DEI consulting to implement processes that support your company’s messaging.

The coaches with Nineteen88 Strategies bring decades of unparalleled experience to every client, helping them connect where they are with where they want to be. We address every aspect of your business, from leadership coaching to DEI, communications, and reputation management. Our expertise helps you to meet the future on your terms, be poised for ongoing success, and be confident in the face of unexpected challenges. The earlier you bring on our DEI consultants, the better equipped your organization will be to achieve your goals for the coming year.