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How Executive Consulting Services Build Corporate Culture
March 18, 2022 at 6:00 AM
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Recent years have challenged almost every aspect of how businesses operate. Adapting to a post-COVID world with increasing work-from-home and The Great Resignation has forced organizations in every sector to transition into new models of operation. The changing world has brought varied success for organizations depending on their industry. The thing that's consistent is the challenges companies face in maintaining employee engagement when team members don't see each other every day. An executive consulting service will help perform employee engagement surveys, evaluate the results, identify trouble areas, and build bespoke solutions for future improvement.

Identifying the challenges of work from home

Many organizations are still trying to assess the costs and benefits of maintaining a workforce that works partially or totally remotely. Besides operational logistics, remote work impacts corporate culture. Daily, face-to-face interactions with coworkers and leadership forge work relationships with depth that cultivate employee engagement.

Remote workers who rarely see each other and only interact through video conferencing solutions may not feel the same engagement or belonging as they would in the office. Keeping teams on the same page with individuals working independently or collaborating through virtual solutions can be challenging.

Not every organization faces the same challenges from remote work. Executive consulting services work alongside your leadership to conduct and analyze employee surveys to find specific challenge areas to address.

Adapting to changing operational paradigms

COVID was––and continues to be––a disruptive force to traditional corporate paradigms. Many organizations haven't found the balance between returning to the office or making a permanent change to WFH.

The Great Resignation added new challenges to a fast-changing job market for employers. Employee priorities at work have shifted. Individuals are on the lookout for new opportunities now more than ever. They also want to work with companies where they'll be able to find themselves and feel a greater connection to the work they do.

Executive consulting services can help cultivate a corporate culture that attracts individuals who connect with your branding, mission, and goals. The Great Resignation provides an opportunity for employers to find team members who seamlessly integrate with the corporate culture.

Developing new engagement models

It's no longer good enough to do things the way they've always been done. Empowering employees to connect with your organization's mission and goals requires new models. Suppose you've been operating within the same framework for years or decades. In that case, it's hard to generate and implement entirely new systems. However, thriving as the world continues to meet new challenges requires a dramatic shift in perspective for your leadership.

When you take control of your corporate culture with new goals in mind, you'll position yourself to thrive in the current work climate. Once you know how to actualize new engagement models for your organization, you can continue to adapt, regardless of what challenges you face in the future.

Few companies have the in-house expertise and macro perspective to articulate and actualize responsive engagement models. Partnering with an executive consultant optimizes leadership's time by delivering goal-oriented results.

Nineteen88 Strategies provides executive consulting services to help companies meet the future on their terms.

The team at Nineteen88 Strategies works with organizations across corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors through coaching, event public speaking, and executive consulting. Our mission is to help organizations become naturally responsive to fast-changing markets to meet the future with confidence and growth quarter after quarter. Nineteen88 Strategies can help you troubleshoot issues while developing and implementing short and long-term strategies by making incisive decisions for your corporate culture.

Aligning your corporate culture with your branding doesn't just happen naturally; get help by contacting Nineteen88 Strategies for executive coaching services.