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Nineteen88 Strategy LLC’s guide to effective networking
May 24, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A diligent team working on laptops at a table. Our effective networking solutions will put you in contact with everyone and anyone you need to know.

The people you know dictate your success. This is why effective networking is invaluable. However, it’s daunting to develop and cultivate an effective network for career advancement. Luckily, you came to the right place. Nineteen88 Strategy is the premier networking solution. Unlike competitors, our extensive experience working with executives enables us to put clients in contact with all our friends in high places while forging new, fruitful connections.

Here’s how to optimize your networking efforts:

1. Capitalize on current relationships

Effective networking requires developing existing relationships. However, your efforts should not be limited to the office. Everyone you know is a viable resource.

When you discover someone has a valuable connection, pursue it. If you see them talking with a person you want to know, you’ll be able to ingratiate yourself and make a far better impression by simply participating in their conversation.

Even if you haven’t seen someone for a while, reconnecting could be hugely beneficial. Be vigilant for major life changes. If someone moved or recently switched jobs and shared something interesting, reach out.

The people you already know are the threshold to opportunity. However, if you’re still unsure how to transform an existing network into a fruitful one, Nineteen88 Strategies can help.

2. Remember that everyone is a resource

It’s important to remember every opportunity isn’t always immediately evident. This applies to people, too. It doesn’t matter what someone does or who they are, anyone you encounter could potentially be a valuable contact.

Having a friendly conversation is free and could potentially pay dividends. Effective networking necessitates identifying the value in everyone you encounter. However, it’s imperative to keep it casual. Don’t turn every interaction into a job interview, and never monopolize conversations.

Make them feel like the most interesting, exciting person in the world, and listen intently. These conversations are the foundation of effective networking. Realizing everyone has something of value to offer is crucial.

Prioritize being generous, friendly, honest, and open. Networking is about building relationships. At Nineteen88, we develop meaningful and fruitful relationships with unprecedented speed.

3. Use social media

Socializing was reinvented with the advent of social media. It enables you to maintain fruitful relationships and forge valuable connections with unprecedented ease.

LinkedIn is the premier professional networking platform. It enables you to connect with people you know as well as their contacts. There’s no better representation of effective networking.

With LinkedIn, you can easily research and identify other professionals who would be valuable to know. It’s never been easier to engage and participate in conversations with highly influential people in your industry. However, it still requires work.

Update your profile regularly and ensure you reach out to people in personalized ways that will elicit responses. Ultimately, it’s about quality and not volume. Don’t oversaturate your feed. Only connect with people you could realistically forge a professional relationship with.

Lastly, maintain, manicure, and curate your presence. Delete questionable posts and strive to keep posts relevant and professional.

Contact us now for a consultation!

If effective networking intimidates you, Nineteen88 Strategy is your premier networking solution. Our years of unrivaled executive experience enable us to provide proven networking strategies. Plus, our vast existing network of major players in your respective industry will be at your disposal. It’s all about who you know, and as long as you know us, you’re ahead of the curve. Contact us now for a consultation!