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Develop Holistic Communications with a Strategy Specialist
November 4, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of two women talking in a window, one of them a strategy specialist developing holistic communications.

Your organization’s communications strategy serves various purposes within your company and externally to clients, customers, community members, and stakeholders. When your communications strategy is fragmented or tacked on as an afterthought to individual departments, your company isn’t operating as efficiently as possible. It's hard to assess your current situation accurately, making it impossible to develop actionable strategies to achieve your goals for the future.

A strategy specialist with Nineteen88 Strategies provides organizational coaching to establish a holistic communication plan alongside your business strategy. They can provide you with the same tools top companies use to assess your current situation and develop a plan to thrive in the future.

Understanding holistic communications strategy

When you think holistically about your organization’s communications, you’re bringing all messaging back to the reason your organization exists. Regardless of what sector you work in, your communications strategy should reinforce the same basic concepts:

  • How you make or raise money
  • Why your company exists
  • What are the goals of your organization

By tying your communications strategy to the big ideas behind your organization, you’re reinforcing branding to external audiences. Plus, you’re continually communicating your long-term goals to employees, leadership, and shareholders. Holistic communications strategies enable everyone in your organization to know the how, what, and why of their––and their colleagues––work.

Segment your audiences

This communications strategy is effective when you segment your audience and select the proper channels for efficient and compelling messaging. Whether or not deliberately, you likely already separate your internal and external messaging, but consider the benefits of segmenting your audience even more.

  • Donors and volunteers for nonprofits
  • C-Suite/leadership and team members
  • Board members and shareholders
  • Community members

Your communications strategy should include what information needs to be shared with each segment and the most effective method. Selecting the right channel from marketing to meetings, training, and policy bulletins is crucial in reinforcing brand awareness and driving engagement.

Link your communications strategy to your business strategy

A strategy specialist will tie communications to your business strategy, using it to leverage your success in the coming years to achieve your company-wide goals. Articulating your goals via consistent messaging for each audience segment clarifies your current situation and where you want to be in five and ten years.

Part of your communications plan will also be to articulate what success looks like in the individual channels. By checking in with the success of your communications strategy, you can reflect on and adjust your business strategy to serve your organizational goals better.

Incorporate DEI into your holistic communications approach

While there’s a greater focus on DEI than ever before, many organizations still address it separately from their business and communication strategy. Your internal culture should incorporate DEI into your business and communications strategy. The concepts of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and your company’s specific policies to support them should come across in your messaging in every segment channel.

Nineteen88 Strategies provides coaching to define DEI for your organization and develop policies and procedures that actualize big concepts in your operations. Our organizational coaching takes a holistic approach to integrate DEI with your business and communications strategies.

The strategy specialists with Nineteen88 Strategies provide organizational consulting to implement holistic messaging.

We provide a range of consulting and coaching services that help organizations develop and implement the same practices as the best global companies. Our coaches have decades of experience in the public and private sectors, working in leadership positions with Fortune 50 companies. Our mission is to give your organization the tools it needs to meet the future on your terms and thrive.

Schedule an initial coaching session with a Nineteen88 strategy specialist. Learn more about how holistic communications can increase your messaging impact and improve brand awareness.