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How can a networking strategy help your organization?
March 31, 2022 at 4:00 AM
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Whether you’re the CEO of a major enterprise or the owner of a small local business or startup, a large part of your success ultimately boils down to the people that comprise your network. Some of these key contacts may include wholesale vendors, influencers with substantial sway among your target audience, or any number of other people in positions that allow them to make some aspect of your operations easier or more effective.

For many business owners and executives, your network may purely be the result of opportunity and luck. But to truly bring the success of your organization to the next level, it pays to think more carefully about who you may want to connect with and include in that network. With the right strategy in place, you may find yourself with a greater number of people ready, willing, and available to help you expand what your organization is capable of.

Who’s worth your consideration as a potential member of your professional network? It’s best to look for people who can find some mutual benefit from their connection with you. Operators of third-party organizations that handle critical elements of your business, marketers and advertisers skilled at effectively reaching your target audience, and people in key positions to help you gain a foothold in new markets are three major examples of what you should look for.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deeper dive into how a network strategy can help you cover each of these critical components in the overall success of your business.

Connect with key operational partners

No matter the exact type of product or service offered by your business, there are certain processes that enable you to offer them at any scale. If you’re selling a particular type of product or line of products, for example, there are clear benefits to finding a supplier that can offer you the goods or materials you need to create those products cost-effectively. This is far from the only part of your overall process where a strategic connection can help, however.

Many needs must be met for your organization to be able to offer its value at the scale required to reach your target market. You need labor and equipment to turn the goods and materials you receive into products and services for your customers and to get those offerings into their hands. To that end, some worthwhile contacts you may want to add to your network could include:

  • Wholesalers
  • Recruiters
  • Equipment vendors
  • Transportation services

Increase brand awareness

As important as it is to focus on connections that make production and rendering of services easier and more cost-effective for your organization, it’s equally important to make sure that your potential customers know about your company and recognize it as a valuable resource for the value they’re seeking. That’s what makes brand awareness a vital element of running your organization, and one that can also become much easier with the right people on your side.

A few different types of connections can prove helpful for making more of your target audience aware of your brand. A partner at a major marketing firm could be a persuasive voice when you’re looking to arrange an exclusive deal that puts the skills of that firm to work for your organization. Depending on your type of organization, media influencers can also add a personal touch to the way your target audience views you.

Sales woman in office meeting with laptop

Gain access to new markets

In many cases, connecting your brand to another, more recognizable one can immediately add credibility and value to your organization in the eyes of potential customers. Finding connections with the right distributors and platforms can open up opportunities for expansion and increase your ability to reach new groups of people.

Nineteen88 Strategies can help you develop a strong networking strategy to find, connect with, and effectively utilize the right people to enhance what your organization is capable of. Call directly at 703-712-9987 or send a message using our contact form to schedule a consultation today.