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How to Land Your Dream Job From a Career Planning Counselor
September 16, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Career planning counselor can help you land your dream job.

Wherever you are in your career–from internship to the C-suite–finding a job is often a compromise between your aspirations and what’s attainable. Your experience, the job market, and a million other factors can mean you end up making more concessions than you wanted for your career. While you may experience success, it can feel like your dream job is drifting further out of reach as your career progresses. With a career planning counselor, you can find your dream job and then develop a strategy for landing it. Regardless of whether this is your first job or you are decades into a successful career. Here are a few top methods for actualizing your dream job.

Articulate what your “dream job” really means

When people end up feeling “stuck” in a job, it’s because they haven’t defined what they want. When you’re just starting your career, it’s understandable to take any position to build experience (and earn an income). It doesn’t take long for people to define what they don’t want from their next job, but it’s nearly impossible to look for a new position based on what something isn’t.

Instead, set down specifics about what your dream job entails, from your desired field to the potential responsibilities, opportunity for advancement, work culture, location, salary, and benefits. Then, think about how you want those things to advance throughout your career.

There will always be some compromise

Few people end up with everything on their dream job list, at least not as soon as they begin a new position. Organize your list into groups. Start with items you can’t compromise on––industry and location, for instance, to things where you can make adjustments––opportunities for advancement and benefits.

You’re a person, not a resume

It’s easy to get defeated when pursuing your dreams by fixating on the contents of your CV. But being a passionate, dedicated person goes a long way–both when you’re networking and in an interview. A career planning counselor will help you highlight your story in your CV.

Use your resume and social media posts to show what you can offer companies as a person, not just a set of skills. When you ask your network for help, connections, and advice, bring your ambition and passion.

Landing your dream job can take more than a single move

One of the significant benefits of working with a career planning counselor is they can help you look several job positions ahead. They’ll help you build a plan that looks twenty years ahead, with a focus not just on landing a dream job but building a dream career. If you’re entering the job market or looking to make a huge career switch, it’s unlikely you’ll land your ultimate dream job right away.

A career counselor can help you visualize and plan your career on a macro level. Before making an appointment with a career coach, consider your answers to these questions, thinking of yourself decades in the future:

  • Where are you? What’s your title?
  • What’s your level of responsibility?
  • How many direct reports do you have? Who do you report to?
  • How much money are you making?

Visualizing the future you want is the first step in landing a dream job that will get you there.

The career planning counselors at Nineteen88 Strategies can help you find and land your dream job.

The consultants at Nineteen88 Strategies help executives and those in leadership positions to articulate their dream job. Then, we work with clients to build the skill sets they need to find and land their ideal role. Many executives advance through their company, or within their field, often without taking time to reflect on their job, their passions, and the work they dream of doing.

As experienced business leaders and executive coaches, we can connect your experience with your passion for actualizing your dream job. From help with your CV to interview skills and networking help, we partner with our clients to offer guidance, experience, and expertise in the job hunt. Work with our career planning counselors when you’re ready to maximize your potential.