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Senior Strategist

Merritt is the owner and executive director of Vox Optima.

She’s an entrepreneur, advocate, strategist and (artificial) redhead. Merritt’s straight-up and honest approach to life has defined her professional reputation (sometimes, even to her benefit). It also punctuates her ability to lead a crack team of public relations, media production, digital signage, and crisis communications professionals.

Merritt entered the Navy as a (real) brunette via the NROTC program at the University of Notre Dame, worked overseas, in recruiting, and with military healthcare. In her last Navy assignment, she managed all environmental, medical, and personnel issues on the Navy’s National News Desk. She also ran the Department of the Navy’s media training program. Medically retired from the Navy after serving eight years as a public affairs officer, Merritt built several strategic communication teams as a contractor before forming Vox Optima in 2005.

In addition to hustling work for Vox Optima, Merritt is committed to community involvement and providing opportunities for other disabled people. She serves on the boards of Adelante and East Mountain (charter) High School. She is an avid cook, a trivia geek, and always on the lookout for a new single-barrel bourbon. 

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