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What to Expect When Working with a DEI Consultant
March 11, 2022 at 10:30 PM
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There's been a lot of energy put into corporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging over the past couple of years. However, despite the emphasis placed on these roles within a company, individuals aren't always empowered to make lasting changes within an organization. Without adequate resources and a seat at the right leadership tables, a DEI-specific role within your company may not deliver the results you anticipated. An expert consultant partners with an organization to generate lasting transformations. Here's what to expect when you work with a DEI consultant.

Start with a commitment to change

DEI has been in the spotlight of corporate development recently. Still, it's little more than a buzzword without a steadfast commitment from leadership. "Diversity, equity, and inclusion" is short-hand for implementing programs and policies that foster a sense of belonging for employees. The goal is to empower team members to bring their whole selves to their jobs.

DEI only delivers benefits when leadership commits to understanding where their company is in the present and making substantive change. A DEI consultant will collect and analyze perspectives throughout your company. They'll provide you with a clear picture of where your company is in the present so you can make impactful changes for the future.

Assistance in establishing a permanent DEI

Even when leadership identifies the need for a role that focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, they may not know how to establish the operational structure that empowers that position to succeed.

One person in a DEI position doesn't have the resources or structure to actualize the change your organization needs. It takes more than one individual working alone to cultivate a corporate culture of inclusion and belonging where employees connect to the company's mission and goals.

Before designating an in-house role, work with a DEI consultant to define the staff, resources, relationship with leadership, and budget the role will need in order to deliver immediate and future results.

Prepare for incremental adjustments

Bringing on DEI professionals isn't like waving a magic wand that creates an instantaneous transformation within your organization. Whether you opt for a DEI consultant or create an in-house position to develop diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, prepare for slow progress.

In many organizations, leadership hasn't considered that employees may not feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work every day, limiting their ability to contribute themselves to the organization's success.

When employees have held back from committing to their role at a company, creating an environment of belonging can take time. Even incremental adjustments will deepen work relationships, cultivating more engagement from people at every level of your organization.

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DEI consultants provide insight into your organization

As a part of leadership, you may not always have a complete picture of what's taking place throughout all levels of your organization. A DEI consultant compiles data about employee engagement and provides experienced analysis. As someone operating outside of the company, they can collect all perspectives on the current culture and DEI climate.

It's impossible to create solutions that deliver results without having all the perspectives within your company. You may be missing critical data if you've been frustrated by a lack of progress implementing DEI solutions in your organization. An outside consultant can ensure you're operating from a place of total transparency and understanding to make a meaningful transformation in your company.

Nineteen88 Strategies helps organizations optimize their team with strategic DEI consulting.

The DEI consultants with Nineteen88 Strategies combine decades of experience in the nonprofit, government, and corporate sectors with unparalleled insight. We work with clients to use DEI to position their organizations to lead their markets. Our strategies go beyond re-calibrating hiring strategies to reconciling internal and external branding. There are tangible benefits of incorporating DEI into every aspect of your business; our team will show you how.

Contact our DEI consultants if you're looking for a way to maximize your bottom line and transform your organization into a more agile, responsive force in your market.