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The Great Resignation: Why You Need an Executive Coach
February 8, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Image of a woman walking to work after getting help from an executive coach.

Over the past couple of years, changing priorities of the workforce and the rise of remote work have created an era dubbed The Great Resignation. Executives are resigning from positions that they don’t feel are meeting their needs, whether in terms of work/life balance, benefits, compensation, or the ability to work from home. In a job-seekers market, executives have the opportunity to advance their careers by pursuing new positions. They can find roles that better meet their long-term needs, whether it’s breaking into the C-suite or changing industries. However, making emotional decisions for your career can end up damaging your potential for advancement. An executive coach will help you make better decisions through introspection and experienced guidance.

Get help identifying barriers in your current situation.

An executive coach will help you identify real and implicit barriers at your current job that have you considering resigning. If you’ve been with your current organization for a long time, leaving voids your seniority. Knowing that it’s a job-seekers market can cause the frustrations at your current job to feel more insurmountable than they actually are.

Instead of starting over with a new company, a coach can work with you to develop strategies to overcome the barriers in your current role. Executives can advance their careers while maintaining the benefits of their tenure at a company.

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Identify emotional reactions versus strategic decisions

As colleagues and friends take part in The Great Resignation––whether for time away from their careers or to pursue new interests––you might feel inspired to act emotionally in your own career. Your professional network may share how happy they are post-resignation, but it’s impossible to know what the five- and ten-year consequences will be of that decision.

An executive coach will help you reason through the consequences of resigning or finding a new job. They’ll partner with you to avoid an emotional decision you’ll regret in a few years and instead develop a strategy that uses The Great Resignation to your long-term benefit.

Articulate goals and milestones for your career

Quitting a job that isn’t fulfilling can feel incredible in the moment and for a few weeks afterward. But without articulating what you want out of your career, both in the short term and long term, then you’ll likely be back in the same situation in a few years.

Instead of moving from one job you don’t enjoy to another, work with an executive coach to articulate your goals for your career. They’ll help you establish short-term milestones that build up to achieving your long-term goals.

Make the most of leaving your current position

If you ultimately decide to leave your current position, an executive coach will help you make the most of resigning. A coach will ensure you’re protecting your long-term interests, whether you find a C-suite role, develop new expertise, or pivot to a more fulfilling industry.

Instead of falling victim to an emotional response to The Great Resignation, use the current job market climate to advance your career with the help of an executive coach.

Nineteen88 Strategies is an executive coach who will help you navigate The Great Resignation by thinking long term.

Nineteen88 Strategies provides a long-term perspective to clients navigating challenging career choices. With over three decades of experience in the corporate, nonprofit, and governmental sectors, we’re able to help executives reason through the five and ten-year consequences of their career decisions.

When you’re striving to find rewarding work––in any sector––it can be hard to connect your current position to where you’d like to be later in your career. An executive coach provides an expert, outside perspective for advice and guidance you may not have considered.

Nineteen88 strategies can help you navigate The Great Resignation with decisions that will benefit your long-term career. Contact us to work with an expert executive coach.